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Cartier Kadya Pasha series W31074M7 women's automatic mechanical movement watch. Original open mold each part, dense bottom design, enough to mess with the truth. Cal.049 movement with 2892-based movement (amplitude 28800, power reserve: 40 hours) surface diameter: 35.25 mm, overall thickness: 9.5mm (mirror cover measurement 8.8mm), 904L steel, sapphire anti-scratch mirror. Reasons to start:


1, "original single level": the original ➀ itself is fine steel (there is no weight gap of precious metals); ➁ dense bottom design (no movement, even if the opening structure is basically the same, the original ETA2892, V9 for the seagull 2892 (can also be added to ETA2892));


2, "movement stability" each seagull 2892 movement has passed the QC data test, and then add simulator testing, must ensure a reasonable error range of re-shipment, and movement lifetime warranty. If the economy permits, it can also be added to the same ETA2892 movement as the original at your own expense.


3, "tasteful" niche is high-end, public places or parties often see blue balloons and tanks, these have long been aesthetic fatigue or numbness, but Pasha is unique, showing the independent characteristics of successful women. The cover of the chain attached to the head not only looks elegant and noble, but also gives a subtle beauty;


    Cartier Kadya Pasha series W31074M7- 1:1 Superclone

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