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IWC2019 new Spitfier timewatch shock attack! Galloping high-altitude minutes and seconds will be "true" ZF products, must be a boutique! "Fantastic Details" 1.ZF follows the traditional skills of the World Table, using a double-layered light blue anti-vertigo coating. 2. The tail of the minute hand second hand is slightly bent, and the details match the genuine. 3. After many adjustments, the surface tone and shaded weight are infinitely close to the original. Case: The watch size is 41mmx15.3mm. Consistent with the original case is made of high-tech ceramics! And do matte treatment! The structure follows the original - the ring port and the middle shell are molded as one. Anti-wear, scratches, corrosion resistance! The original restores the tenacity and excellence of the series. The movement is a powerful and stable Shanghai 7750 movement. Time-per-minute, two-period display and timing code table functions are complete.

IWC2019 new Spitfier - 1:1 Superclone

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